myhr CVS Caremark Future Fund* – CVS FUTURE FUND

How to Login into your CVS Future Fund Account

First of all you need to submit a personalised 7-digit CVS associate id to gain access to your CVS future fund account. In case you have lost your access to this identification you can request us for a designated user id. We will send this information to your registered email address from where you can gain access to your account.

Click on the “forgot pin” link on the page in case you are unable to sign in to your CVS future fund account. Alternatively we have another contingency plan to help you out in such a scenario. We have an exclusive hotline available for this specific purpose. You can contact myHR CVS at 888-694-7287. We would recommend you to prompt for a 401(k) by going by the guidelines after which you can simply transfer to the next available future fund contact centre. Our timings for connecting with you on call are as follows: 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time form Monday to Friday. We always have a representative ready for your queries and assistance at these timings.

We have noted in our past experience that the Internet Explorer 7 Browser is not compatible for our future-funds accounts. We request you to either change your browser to Chrome, Firefox or the likes else if you insist on using Internet Explorer please update it to the latest version and check if it is compatible with us thereafter.

The following is the link to the CVS future fund:

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