*Why* CVS Caremark have the CVS Values in Action Recognition program?

We at CVS have come up with CVS Caremark to revolutionise the pharmacy industry in order to make our services more effective and efficient for all of the people we serve till date. Our vision and mission with this new venture is to create a holistic well being.

Productive outcome and consistent inspiration are one of the most lucrative features we always strive for in our employees and in order to maintain that spirit we have initiated a program called Values in Action. We believe in appreciating the little victories since that creates a positive vibe necessary for overall growth. We don’t let go any hard work unnoticed with our values in action program.

Via what method can in access the CVS Values in action using online resources?

The very first step you need to do in order to access your Values in action benefits is to login. Using the company network is crucial for accessing the full potential of our program so logging in is fundamental per say. Log in using your Single Sign in credentials (SSO)

  • Further you need to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your program’s homepage/default page.
  • Give in your Username in the correct input field.
  • Give in your security password.

If you want to keep using this machine to re-login after this session check the box which says “allow this computer to remember your credentials”

Finally click on the login button

CVS Values in action reference link: https://cvs.achievers.com/login

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