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What’s changing in April: a guide for employers

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Making sure you’re up-to-date with the latest legislation changes coming in April is key to ensuring your business is in line with the law…

Top 3 Challenges for Business Owners in 2024

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At the end of 2023, we asked business owners like you what their biggest challenges and fears were for the year ahead.

2024 employment laws unwrapped

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As we gear up to hit 2024, it’s your responsibility as an employer to keep tabs on any changes in employment law. Read our guide to make…

Top challenges for SME business owners

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We surveyed business owners like you, and they told us their biggest challenges and fears for this year… Download the report for our take on…

Your ultimate guide to workplace wellbeing

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Wellbeing spans mental, physical, and social happiness inside and outside of work. In a working environment, poor wellbeing can impact…

Your guide to choosing the right HR software

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The right HR software can become the backbone of your business. But there’s lots to consider when choosing your provider. From a handy…