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CVS is one of the largest name in retail and health care today because we actually care not only of our customers but also our employees. Only those companies that treat its stakeholders correctly survive in this world and we proudly say we are the flag bearers in this department. The following subtopics will elaborate on the same and help you map what CVS is and how it can benefit you.


What is CVS Pharmacy?

In simple terms CVS was an acronym for “Consumer Value Store” but they improved it to “Convenience, Value and Service” recently. Their fleet of 9600 franchise is spread all over US providing relief and care to every corner of this country. They have a huge inventory of not only prescription drugs but also makeup, beauty products, photo-manipulation services, film finishing, greeting cards, seasonal merchandise as well as comfort food. So in other words they strive to cover every facet possible related to human well being and beauty.

Although CVS was originally founded in Massachusetts in 1963 its headquarters is located in Rhode Island and they are proud to inform that they serve more than 5 million customers every day! Having employees more than 24300 employees in 49+ states! They ensure citizens form Puerto Rico as well as the district of Columbia get into a carrier not just another job.


Their online application called myHR is a great IT connect between the HR department and themselves. It easiest the communication between them by providing all the necessary information on the employees finger tips. Updatation in real time ensures that the employee’s time is spent in the most efficient manner and no data redundancy or inaccuracy bothers them ever.

This online myHR CVS portal can give employees access to:
1 Viewing paychecks
2 Checking benefits
3 Life insurance details
4 Access their tax information
5 Access to their 401K plan
6 Employee discounts details
7 Education assistance details
8 Employee stock option details
9 Auto and home insurance details
10 All about transportation benefits
11 Free smoking cessation programs
12 CVS Health discount center
13 Identity theft protection program

Come log in as an employee into the future of health!

1. Open up your favourite browser and type in the address bar. Now simply log in as the staff company.
2. If you dont have an account in our database yet become a member by completing the registering process. Click on “register a new user” on the homepage.
3. Enter your birth date and social security number details(last four digits)
4. Pick your own username adn an PIN number.
5. Right after filling out the form you will land on the signing in page where you will fill in the log in details!

You can sign-in as an excvs employee by following the steps below:

First of all you need to be located within the US to login in this format. Type in
in your favourite broswer’s address bar and use your employee ID and respective CBS Learnet password while minute clinic can use their 77 digit employee ID and password.

Unlike employees of distribution centres who have to submit their myHr password if you are a college student you simply have to type in their seven digit employee ID and the CVS Learnet password to get access to all the information provided by myHR application. This information is plenty : such as information about salary, discounts, as well as other important facets.

CVS Learnet

Their CVS Learnet is a powerful health learning system tool that enables its users to analyse and understand the true essence of their job through skill development as well as training. The upper bar in learning is virtually non-existential here hence an expert in trade will also have something new to look forward to every day of his career. So as a complete package the online services are equal to a suite for employees where you benefit from getting access to your basic information to pushing your self towards growth in your tangent by providing you relevant knowledge in the niche.

If you still feel like you need to know more about MyHR CVS’s benefits and its features you can directly call their HR by dialing in their toll-free phone number 1-888-69-7287 (888-myhr-cvs). You can also connect with them via email @ or their mailing address at One CVS Dr. Woonstcket, RI 02895.

MyHR CVS Benefits

CVS is recognised for providing comforts to its employees not only by providing accurate and relevant information online but also dental discounts, 401K program as well as health care insurance thanks to the administration’s long term vision and mission. Regardless it shall be emphasised that all the facets are free to use no matter if you are a new or old worker. They do no partiality in the level of services as well as receive the same benefits.

Quick Tip: The personnel stock purchase program is the most lucrative feature in their array of services because its a way where workers can purchase stocks of CVS in order to invest their earnings and gain even more exponential benefits in the future!

To conclude we can say that not only the above benefits their following list is also a lucrative reason to sign up for this free service:

1. CVS employee discounts program
2. Employee stock purchase program
3. Health and wellness program
4. Adoption and education assistance
5. Access to work itinerary and attendance
6. Data regarding life insurance coverage, income tax status, as well as healthcare covers

and if the above is also not enough they will be provided access to information such as travel allowances, gratuity and paycheck.

CVS Salary:

The following table will help you decide which job profile suits best according to your needs and requirements. Keep in mind that salaries for CVS employees vary by company but the following is a generic idea you can expect as a bare minimum to earn working at CVS and its subsidiaries. We have based it on CVS employee reports and estimate:

Position Time Salary ($)
Pharmacist Hourly 60.11
Pharmacist technician Hourly 11.18
Shift supervisor B Hourly 11.27
Store manager Yearly 58.776
Shift supervisor Hourly 11.80
Pharmacy technician CPhT Hourly 11.92
Pharmacy in charge Hourly 66.63
Cashier Hourly 9.30
Pharmacist Yearly 121.745
CVS Store Manager Yearly 59.115
CVS Pharmacy tech Hourly 11.10
Lead pharmacy technician CphT Hourly 15.06
Pharmacy technician trainee Hourly 10.33
Shift supervisor A Hourly 13.17

CVS Health Job Application Process:

The following is the step-by-step process for applying for a job at CVS Pharmacy.

Step 1:
Lookup the job that you think you are qualified for on their career website which is as follows:

Step 2:
When you connect with a job that you feel is meant for you and you can personally grow in, you shall click on “apply now” link to proceed further. We would like to bring to your notice that you will be required to complete the application form fully just like a CV filling in all past experience if any and education background. They may also ask you to complete a virtual job tryout just to check your capability to perform the required tasks. After all of it is complete and done you shall receive your confirmation email!

Step 3:
Now the recruiters will analyse the shortlisted candidates including you and fetch the best matching profiles. If you hear from the recruiter within the time they specify for analyzation it means you have been selected for the next hurdle of the selection process. However if you are not selected then an email notification will be sent from their side stating that you shall look for more job openings. Keep in mind that a huge number of applicants apply for CVS Health receives every day so it might take time to get reviewed so patience is key in this time period.

Step 4:
Now if you are picked up from the handful for the interview, a skype or skype like online service will be arranged by the recruiter soon. After which, if selected, an invite to meet in person or a follow-up video conference will entail with the hiring manager.

Final step 5:
Now if you make it till here congratulations you can consider yourself as selected for the position at CVS you applied for! A job offer letter or email will entail which will follow up with a background check and a drug test.

Note: The application process may vary here and there a little at all retails.

Why working at CVS health is worth it?

Health is wealth. Physical and mental health should be the top most priority of all humans on this planet because a long happy life is always better than a short unhappy one and what better way to achieve that fundamental goal of life than having a career and possibly your whole life in the biggest company in the health consultancy industry? Not just your own health here you contribute to society by positioning yourself in the driver’s seat of life provider and care taker. You get to influence life directly for the better. If that is not a good enough reason to work at CVS then we don’t know what is. Anyhow here are some more logical reasons why you should apply at CVS pharmacy.

1. As mentioned before it is not just a job opening its more like a career with personal growth and better life style all packed in one. Being a health industry company they ensure that the employees themselves have a good healthy journey of life with CVS.

2. You get ample opportunities to put yourself in the leader’s position in assignments as you evolve by interacting with many diverse organisations across the country in all kinds of communities. You get to inspire others to join in as well by being a shining become of an example.

3. Common ailments like opioid/tobacco abuse or diabetes cessation and prevention methodologies are promoted by you and your colleagues. Don’t you think its a noble cause as a concerned human of our nimble blue planet?

4. Your own inner voice will tell you to go an extra mile in spreading awareness and helping others as the company will help you actively in your personal well being, financial conditions, professional health, emotional stability and most importantly mental peace!

Job Desks:

See, there are a plethora of jobs offered at CVS Health and in order to make your application journey easier and faster we would like to provide you with the most searched positions at CVS Health. If you want to apply for any other position you desire feel free to visit their website.

1. Pharmacist Job Desks:
* providing medicinal information to the team concerned with different subsets of health.
* preparing medication charts and patient routines.
* Keeping track of daily updates and logging them as well.
* Being responsible for dispensing medications by packing, compounding as well as labelling medicines and related paraphernalia
* Building campaigns for controlling medications and advertising better alternatives.
* Planning out hospital employee’s pharmacological index by taking part in and understanding clinical programs, training pharmacy, students, staff, interns, ex-terns, residents as well as health care professionals.
* Legal aspects like fedral and state drug laws need to be taken care of in policies and ensuring they are in track with them. Being responsible for tracking controlled substances , overseeing the performances of hired personnel, getting rid of expired inventory, keeping up to date with new legislation, rules and guidelines.
* Networking with external personal within the directly connected industries to establish a more reliable network and better opportunities for CVS to grow in uncharted areas or even just providing its existing services more efficiently.
* Being a warm, friendly, team-worker who brings out the best in people around him/her.

Pharmacy Technician Job Desks:
* Tallying and updating inventory on the day to day basis to full fill the demands of the patients, verifying receipts, filing new orders and getting rid of expired ones.
* Being a warm and inviting face of CVS on the phone to patients, answering their queires and forwarding them to he pharmasists for processing and delivery of the requests.
* Being firm and adamnat to provide highest quality when it comes to adhering to protocols related to infection-control and related policies.
* Managing pharmacy by easing the work of the pharmacist through formatting the prescriptions or orders as per his/her comfort or method mutually decided in an effort to reduce human error at this information transfer stage.
* Generating a daily, weekly, monthly traditional/digital report of all transactions and its details.
* Preparing a final summarised report for the analyst to think for more efficient methods of working in the company. As he/she is reliable on data to make your work easier and more efficient.
* Standing up to solve any troublesome issues that may be hindering in peaceful operations of the company.

Cashier Job Desks:
* Managing customer outputs, inventory outputs and other details of each transactions including operating cash register.
* Welcoming customers and making them feel comfortable when interactig with CVS
* Looking at the complaints (if any) with an open mind and either generate reports for solving them or if possible solve them yourself.
* Ensuring that the stocks are always available for demands of any magnitude.
* Keeping a track of money going in and out of the cash drawer any point of time.
* Processing items.
* Selling and organising prescriptions.
* Jotting down the requirements and requests generated by customers.
* Answering all customer requests generated by phone

Store Manager Job Desks:

* Making sure the processes practiced within CVS are in compliance with state and federal regualtions.
* Being the one who analyzes the details of pharmacy procedures.
* Being the medium between hospital patients and CVS technicals and professional personell in copounding and mixing as well as delivering pharmacy.
* Having a sound techincal knowlege just enough to solve any human errors that might creep in during any tranactions by familiarising oneself with uptodate pharmaceutical preparations prescribed for untilization by patients to be able to assist hospital staff.
* Maintaining and tracking a certified array of tasks to follow all records of the annual budget of your store.
* Monitoring Inventories.
* Managing reports of all staff/employees: their performances, drawbacks, leaves, feedback, health conditions, social wellbeing, and personal satisfaction.
* Yearly imporvement of all processes involved by detailed analyzation.
* Helping/orienting/aiding new personal and updating them with any new policy changes and guidelines as and when necessary.
* Organising events and cultural activites related to pharmacy operations.
* Having a master-like knowledge of the over all health trade to be able to offer an experts-view on prescriptions and medications that conform to the hospital’s suitablility.

We believe working at CVS will send your life into a much more positive tangent and hence bring out the best of you for yourself as well as humanity around you.